Riverton Baptist Church (RBC) started out life as a church plant from nearby Bentley Baptist Church in the late 1950s. We began with the Coulson and Annear families starting a Sunday School in their homes. From there we grew until the first church building was constructed in 1960 on the land in Shelley where we are currently situated. Five years later we appointed our first official pastor, Arthur Payne, in a part-time role.

From our earliest days RBC has always been strongly supportive of cross-cultural mission. This passion continues into the present day, with several of our members currently involved in full-time missions work internationally, with significant prayer and financial support always a priority within our fellowship.

Some other milestones in the history of RBC include starting an official youth group in 1966. That year we also began entering teams in sports competitions in the area. Basketball and netball remain as strong areas of interest amongst our active types.

1973 saw the dedication of our first brick building, and with that options began to open up for greater involvement in more areas of ministry, including Girls and Boys Brigades. Many of the youth who have gone through these ministries are still active amongst us now. As God continued to develop the youth of RBC, he opened up for us more opportunities as the nearby Curtin University began to grow rapidly. As this attracted more and more students from all over the state, so began a flow of youth from the country regions for study, many of whom decided to make Riverton their home church. This trend has not abated and we pray it continues into the future.

By 1985 the membership had reached around 135, 15 small groups were operating and we were supporting 10 full-time missionaries. By 1992 the auditorium was extended to double its capacity as the congregation continued to grow.

As God continued to work we saw the need to inaugurate the interns program, so this was begun in 2002, and much fruit has been seen through this aspect of church life. Around this time the need for newer and larger facilities was becoming clear, as some of the existing buildings were reaching the end of their useful lives, and the congregation continued to grow steadily. After much prayer, and under the wise guidance of the Senior Pastor at that time Linton Smith, we opened the current facilities we enjoy, including a 450 seat auditorium, many new offices and an extensive foyer area, in 2007. This has allowed us to diversify our ministries to be more ‘community-friendly’, and the number of people who have now had the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus Christ for the first time has never been greater. In fact this was reflected in our decision to rename ourselves Riverton Baptist Community Church (RBCC) shortly after the building project was completed.

Currently we are a large church with 3 Sunday services and many other ministries that ensure our building and facilities are well utilized. We are always thankful that God has worked through us in the ways he has so far, and pray that he continues to do so as we seek to honour the name of Jesus Christ within and beyond our walls.