At Riverton we partner with many different organisations, networks, institutions and charities by highlighting their work, supporting them in prayer, and by providing financial support. You can learn more about these groups by clicking on the links to their own home pages.

Global Interaction 
Global Interaction is the Australian Baptist Churches Cross-Cultural Mission Agency and works with least reached people groups throughout the world with the mission of empowering communities to develop their own distinctive ways of following Jesus.

At Riverton, we support the Crane family, the Beeck family and Sally Pim working with Global Interaction amongst the Yawo people group in Mozambique.

We also support Glenn and Liz Black who are serving the Ethnic Thai of Thailand.


Baptist Churches Western Australia
We are a committed member church of Baptist Churches Western Australia (BCWA) which exists to serve the Baptist churches, agencies and institutions by doing those activities which are better achieved when we work together. BCWA exists to build healthy churches and provide support to Baptist churches without seeking to take control. Its services include consultancy, education, youth camps, legal and financial advice, banking, insurance, advocacy and more.
Living Child
Living Child is a not for profit charity that aims to reduce the maternal and infant death rate in remote villages of Papua New Guinea by providing training, visual teaching aids and birthing kits to Midwives and Village Birth Attendants.
Overseas Christian Fellowship (Curtin)
OCF is an interdenominational, student-led on-campus fellowship that is united in faith under one vision: to reach out to all overseas students in Australia, build them up to be Christ’s disciples, and send them back to their home countries as disciple-makers. OCF have over 500 members in 15 university campuses across Australia amd Riverton Baptist Community Church support the work of OCF at Curtin University.

baptist world aid

Baptist World Aid – Beyond Disability
Baptist World Aid Australia is a not-for-profit Christian organisation, committed to empowering the world’s poor to lift themselves out of poverty. We partner with Baptist World Aid in recognising that people living in poverty are trapped because they lack access to adequate resources and opportunities. The work we join together in is designed to address this – equipping poor families and their communities to tackle the root causes of poverty affecting them and to enjoy the life of well-being that God intends for them.
Crossover Australia
Crossover Australia Crossover is a national initiative of Australian Baptist Ministries (Baptist Union of Australia) and is committed to; resourcing churches in effective communication of the gospel; equipping pastors; and leaders and facilitating mission.